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So, why would you want to spend your hard earned money on old rope?

Simple. Because we'd prefer that it be on someone's mantelpiece looking awesome rather than floating in the sea choking a baby seal (Oh, and we donate 100% of all profits to Surfers Against Sewage).

Every year 6 million tons of litter end up in the world's oceans. Discarded fishing nets make up a large proportion of that sea junk. Modern nets will not decompose and - if not collected - will continue to trap and kill marine wildlife for around 600 years to come. 

We are keen rock climbers and surfers who spend all our free time enjoying the coastline of Great Britain. Shocked by the rising levels of marine litter we were encountering - and captivated by an alluring beauty in the brightly coloured tangled rope getting washed up - we decided to start harvesting as much as possible.

Help to save our seas and brightening up your mantelpiece in just a few clicks!

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