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About us

We are a small grassroots movement made up of rock climbers and surfers (Kayley, me & a bunch of our friends) who - in an effort to protect marine wildlife and raise awareness of a fast growing ecological hazard - collect, package and sell discarded old rope from the coastline of Southwest England.

While out and about on our coastal adventures we were becoming more and more shocked by the amount of sea junk we'd encounter. Juxtaposed against the pale rocks and pebbles, these intriguing giant tangles of brightly coloured rope were impossible to ignore - so we decided to collect up as much as we could.

'Money For Old Rope' is a timeworn saying with a nautical heritage that means: to make money by selling something that has been used and ought to be worthless. 

Commercial fishing practise has always needed long lengths of rope. In the course of their work these ropes often became damaged. Back in the day fishermen used to salvage sections of this rope to sell once back ashore where shorter lengths could still be put to good use. Hence: Money For Old Rope.

Unfortunately, with less practical land based uses for modern ropes and nets, nowadays the majority of damaged fishing gear ends up being abandoned or discarded at sea where it poses a serious threat to wildlife and the wider marine environment.

In the last 15 years the amount of marine litter washing up on UK beaches has almost doubled. ALDFG (Abandoned, Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear) make up 14% of this debris. We aim to help promote awareness of this growing ecological problem and do our bit to clean up the Southwest's coastline one jarful at a time.

We donate 100% of all profits to Surfers Against Sewage (an awesome UK charity hellbent on cleaning up the UK's seas and beaches) and use anything left over to fund more surfing/climbing trips where we'll collect more ALDFG and continue to keep the Money For Old Rope cycle going.